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Exploring Spreepark in Berlin

Since I put my photos from a recent photoshoot on Facebook , lots of people have been asking about getting access to Spreepark, so instead of replying 100 times, I thought a post would be more helpful.

The fence and getting in

In the last few months, a new fence has been erected all around the park. Rumour says that it cost €1 million!
There are now only 2 ways in…
If you are fairly lightweight and fit: Over the fence
Climbing the fence at Spreepark

Otherwise, under the fence through one of the many holes. Although the new owners seem to be blocking many of the holes with cement and concrete slabs!

Some people have suggested that it’s safer to enter from the forest side as there are less people, but we had no problem getting in from the lake-side. We just waited for a quiet moment.

Once inside, we only saw security a couple of times. Once there drove past in a van, the other time on a motorbike. They didn’t see us.
I have been told that if they do catch you, they will make you delete any photos you have, and maybe call the police if you don’t have ID on you.

What is left?

In August 2014 there was an arson attack which damaged the ‘Old England’ themed part of the park. The mammoth and a couple of dinosaurs also went around that time. However most of the rest is still there, in one state or another.

The dinosaurs have had their heads chopped off
Headless dinosaurs in Spreepark

The water ride boats are there
Water ride at Spreepark
although the ride is pretty grungy now
Water ride at Spreepark

The Ferris wheel is there, but there is an extra fence around the base of it
Ferris wheel at Spreepark

There are still some swans there
Swans at Spreepark

The rollercoaster track seems to be all there, and nicely overgrown
Rollercoaster track in Spreepark
and the boarding station is there, with the train in it
Rollercoaster station in Spreepark

The “psychedelic cat” or dragon’s mouth is there
Cat or Dragon mouth in Spreepark

The dragon boat (near the Ferris wheel) has lost its head.