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Using Red Epic and Canon 5D in Iceland

What an amazing country Iceland is. A paradise for photographers.

Here are a few shots of me at work (taken by Tony Morel on his Canon 60D), and some of my shots taken on both the Red Epic and the Canon 5DII.

This is what I was setting up the shot for (the Eyjafjallajokull volcano):

And here is the down-rezzed shot from the Red Epic, shot at 5k widescreen:

And now for Daylight shots

Today the rain let up and so I took the 2 cameras out for a test of their performance in daylight.

First I shot the pier at 1/100 sec and f11.

Epic, Daylight, straight from camera

Epic, Daylight, processed in RedCine-X

5D, Daylight, processed in ACR

The RedCine-X settings used:

RedCine-X settings

Both cameras do a great job with this shot.

The Epic produces fantastic colours in the sky, whilst the 5D2 is somewhat yellowish.

But in the 100% crop, the Canon 5D2 has the edge in terms of  detail.

Epic 100% centre crop

5D 100% centre crop

Still photos from Red Epic and Canon 5D2

Currently my Red Epic is not very portable.

The battery module still hasn’t arrived, so I am having to power it from 240V mains. Luckily I have a 150W inverter in my car, so I can power it from that.

So… how does the Red Epic compare with the Canon 5D2 for stills?

Jim Jannard claims that the Epic looks so good it beats top of the range stills, such as the Phase One, in tests with Peter Lik. But they are not releasing any R3D files or disclosing how they made it look good. Hmm. So I will do my own comparisons.


Max resolution

Epic: 5120 x 2700

5D2: 5616 x 3744

Sensor size

Epic: 27.7 x 14.6 mm CMOS

5D2: 36 × 24 mm CMOS

Shutter speeds

Epic: 1 to 1/8000 s (not usable for long exposures)

5D2: 30 to 1/8000 s

Let’s look at some actual images. For these comparisons, both cameras were set to 800 ISO, 1/50 second shutter.

Firstly shot under tungsten light. This setup was backlit with a 150W Dedo.

Epic image, no processing, resized to 1920 wide.

Epic image, curves applied in RedCine-X, resized to 1920 wide.

5D image, no processing, resized to 1920 wide.


The 100% crop shows the Epic looking much noisier than the 5D2:

100% centre crop from Epic

100% centre crop from the 5D2

Tests in daylight will follow soon…