Flying with camera gear

Last week I flew with Icelandair from London Heathrow to Iceland, with the Red Epic, a couple of Canon cameras and lenses, and a notebook PC.

I had this in the fantastic Lowepro 450AW backpack:

The only problem being that Icelandair have a very low 6kg limit for hand luggage. Oh dear. After some negotiation with the manager, we came to a deal where they would allow me to take it to the gate, but that it may have to go in the hold once at the gate. Luckily I was travelling with a friend, so I put the most valuable gear in his bag before we got to the gate 🙂

So… how to get around this?

Thanks to Philip Bloom, I have a solution. The airlines don’t weigh people or their clothing. There is a rather ugly looking, but very practical jacket called the Rufus Roo, which has massive pockets which can even hold a laptop computer!!! As well as many other items. At only £30, I will be buying it and using it on my next filming job in Spain in 2 week’s time.

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