Monthly Archives: February 2012

Using Red Epic and Canon 5D in Iceland

What an amazing country Iceland is. A paradise for photographers.

Here are a few shots of me at work (taken by Tony Morel on his Canon 60D), and some of my shots taken on both the Red Epic and the Canon 5DII.

This is what I was setting up the shot for (the Eyjafjallajokull volcano):

And here is the down-rezzed shot from the Red Epic, shot at 5k widescreen:

Flying with camera gear

Last week I flew with Icelandair from London Heathrow to Iceland, with the Red Epic, a couple of Canon cameras and lenses, and a notebook PC.

I had this in the fantastic Lowepro 450AW backpack:

The only problem being that Icelandair have a very low 6kg limit for hand luggage. Oh dear. After some negotiation with the manager, we came to a deal where they would allow me to take it to the gate, but that it may have to go in the hold once at the gate. Luckily I was travelling with a friend, so I put the most valuable gear in his bag before we got to the gate ūüôā

So… how to get around this?

Thanks to Philip¬†Bloom, I have a solution. The airlines don’t weigh people or their clothing. There is a rather ugly looking, but very practical jacket called the Rufus Roo, which has¬†massive¬†pockets which can even hold a laptop computer!!! As well as many other items. At only ¬£30, I will be buying it and using it on my next filming job in Spain in 2 week’s time.¬†