Photo and Video Libraries: the good and the bad

Many years ago, I started selling my photos (transparencies from both 35mm and 6×45 film in those days) with a physical photolibrary, based in London, called Greg Evans International.

I made some sales, earned some money.

Then one day (for reasons which I don’t know) they closed. Despite repeatedly asking for my photos back, I received nothing except promises that they would be sent.

It took me several years to actually track down the elusive Greg Evans (with the help of several other photographers who had the same problem) because he resorted to using false addresses.

At last I got most of my photos back. But he still has several of my best shots.

This agency goes in the “bad” section!

Now for good agencies.

These days almost every agency is online and you only need to send them digital copies of your images. Safe and easy.

So who can I recommend?

Well so far I have only signed up with two, but as I find more, I will add them to this post.

1. iStockphoto

They accept still photos, video clips, illustrations and sound clips.

They pay royalty rates of between 15%-20% to its non-exclusive contributors, and will pay by PayPal.

2. Shutterstock

They accept both stills and video footage.

Image payout rates range from $0.25 to $28.00 USD per download. Footage contributors earn a 30% commission each time a clip is purchased. They will pay by PayPal.

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